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Lost In Translation: 7 Baffling Names Used For Common Parts And Simple Technology

Lost In Translation launched by MotorEasy is trying to make a difference to the way customers are treated at garages. To try and help motorists even further we've listed the top 7 baffling terms used by manufacturers for common parts and simple technology.

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Latest Car Recall Notifications

Car Recalls are a regular occurrence these days, and a good thing for drivers. We keep you up-to-date on the latest cars due for safety recalls and what you can do to get your car repaired.

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MotorEasy Reading: Free Car Mag 63

Bullet proof cars are the main feature of this month's Free Car Mag with the release of the newest BBC drama Bodyguard, with a look at the car built for bullets from Skoda, BMW and Land Rover. There's also interviews with some top racing stars.

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Is Your Mechanic Putting You In Danger Over Confusing Brake Measurements?

Confused by brake measurements? MotorEasy are calling for miles not millimetres to make brakes simple. Brakes are a vital safety feature, when a mechanic says there's 10% wear left you might think they need changing but, could you wait a few months?

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Brake Pad & Disc Calculator - Your Guide To Car Brakes

Brake pads and discs are, for obvious safety reasons, essential to your car. Most drivers know they're frictional components but not what level of depth, mileage or wear you should be thinking about replacing pads or discs.

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